Golf Course Westerholt: 5 minute walk

In the year of 1993 the Golf Club Schloß Westerholt was founded as a member of the European Golf Association. The 18-hole Golf Course Westerholt was placed in the heart of the Ruhr area between Herten and Gelsenkirchen. It was successfully designed as a demanding endeavour for professional players as well as a course which could be played by not so experienced players.

The course is managed by a descendent of the ancient Schloß Westerholt clan Egon Graf von Westerholt. This noble family is settled here for some hundered years and gave their name to the old village.

Centr-O in Oberhausen: about 25 minutes by car

This most spacious mall in the Ruhr area offers the best shopping place around, local and international gastronomy as well as an overwhelming arena which hosts dozens of sports and cultural events during the year. You also have a multiplex cinema, business and family parks and a comfort hotel around the mall area. Parking is free!

Starlight Express, in Bochum: about 30 minutes by car

STARLIGHT EXPRESS has been the first modern musical performance which needed a newly erected theatre. Close to the Ruhrstadion football stadium the theatre allows to showcase best artistic and musical achievement. One example: The 250 m roller blade rink cuts twice through the 1700 speactators’ area and makes the show happening right in front of your eyes.

Copa-Ca-Backum, in Herten: about 10 minutes by car

You maybe never expected the Copacabana in the heart of the Ruhr area. But Copa-Ca-Backum adventurous pool landscape offers 8 different facilities for the complete bathing fun, recreation or action for the whole family.

Veltins-Arena Auf Schalke, in Gelsenkirchen: about 20 minutes by car

German Bundesliga and european football as well as international show stars and other sports highlights (Biathlon Worldcup) can be experienced almost weekly in this over-the-top modern, completely roofed stadium. Become a part of the great atmosphere and dive into the world of enthusiastic fans. Reservation of tickets is possible for our hotel guests.