Gasthof Altes Dorf

Gasthof Altes Dorf


A couple of lines regarding the history of our guesthouse…

Several villages were settled in the surrounding forest areas around the historic centre of Recklinghausen during the Karolinger time (around 800). The Westerholt was also founded around this time as the ‘Wood of the west’, founded by farmers and carpenters next to the old water-castle.

The written history of the village began in 1047. First mentioned in the wares and contribution listing of the monastery Werden, Westerholt still remains one of the oldest colonies in our local area. The timbered houses and the picturesque nooks and crannies are very popular places for excursions of many citizens of the Ruhr area. Next to the Schloss- straße you will find the church portal where the old address number 15 was a guesthouse lead by the family Schnitzler. They served beer and dishes for over three generations. In 1991 the house was closed and could not be reconstructed due to its bad structure.

Exactly at this place, the family Lippemeier started their renewal of the old tradition of serving their guests in 1955. The guesthouse ‘Altes Dorf’ brought back a part of history which has inspirated this part of Westerholt for more than 130 years. Old oak tree wood and climate control are important aspects of the comfort of our modern but traditional guesthouse.